the reversible organic cotton hooded cloak


the reversible organic cotton hoodies


the reversible organic cotton bodywarmer


the reversible organic cotton skirt



Eco-friendly and reversible clothing


Let your loved ones choose the way he will wear his outfits. It is important for him to make up his own mind to encourage his independence and promote his self-esteem..

Grow up


In evolving clothing easy to slip on and off


Your loved ones insists on doing things by himself? What a delight this yearning for learning! It’s by learning to cope on his own that your child will grow up! So, let him goes, the garments are easy to slip on and off with no inside and no outside!

Be happy


with style, in all occasions


Your child has stained his garment and has no desire to continue playing ? No problem, turn his sweatshirt and he’ll be happy! Thanks to the simple cuts and the stylish design, with bonjour maurice, your kid will feel always and in all situations confident in his clothes.

Shall we commit together?

By developing ethical clothing, bonjour maurice is committed to our planet and the future of our kids. Because fashion industry is one of the largest industries and most polluting, we strongly believe that a proper and sustainable way to produce and consume fashion could bring large-scale changes. And because we strongly believe it, we do everything with that aim.

Consequently, we work exclusively with organic raw materials and our garments are produced in Portugal, near Porto, in a facility that has the GOTS label, which means that it abides by international legislation with regards to environmental and working conditions. We are inspired by a sustainable fashion that makes clothes that will not only make you happy, but also the world around you!